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Little Warrior Woman: Just Like Mama

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Little Warrior Woman: Just Like Mama

 Imagine how magical each day would be having the essential tools and time to develop a deeper spiritual practice with your child and yourself. Little Warrior Woman Just Like Mama is a story that reinforces good character, discipline, curiosity, freedom, and more through the eyes of Prosperity, our little shero.

This book is a collectors treasure: an offering to your familial legacy.

Little Warrior Woman is an heirloom that should be passed down from generation to generation. We are promoting legacies of healing and rituals and breaking the cycles of trauma and brokenness. Little Warrior Woman: Just Like Mama provides foundational tools that have been proven to help anyone especially women and girls (re)direct their life with intention & purpose. 
Use the lessons, rituals & affirmations to your benefit. Get creative and come up with your own affirmations and write them in the back of the book!


  • You will receive a signed copy of the book
  • You will be invited to the first private reading & talk! Information will be emailed to you.